Tattoo Removal


What is it?





EliminInk vs. Laser & Other Technologies 

The benefits of using EliminInk Tattoo Removal in comparison with that of the Q-Switched Laser and other technologies include: 

  • Simple to Use & Safe
  • Lower Cost
  • Fast Treatment Times
  • More Comfortable Treatments
  • No Messy Creams
  • No Excision / Surgery
  • Effective on All Colors
  • Contains Its Own Scar Inhibitor
  • Requires Fewer Treatments  


EliminInk is not an acid 

With EliminInk you can lighten existing tattoos before applying a cover-up.  This gives you the artistic advantage to use the colors and design you want. 

No adding lines of ink to distress names. 

The  level of lightness/darkness and the age of the tattoo will determine how much pigment will be removed from the skin.

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