Why Get Permanent Makeup?

Because it’s awesome!!! Okay, obviously I’m a super big supporter of permanent cosmetics. I’ve had several procedures done since my early 20’s and still love it! My reasons for doing it are simply time management and sports. It’s faster, period. Even if you are doing additional makeup on top, it’s faster. Who has times these days to be a perfectionist every morning and sometimes multiple times a day!?

And you don’t have to worry about it smearing off when you sweat or are in the water or have oily skin or not to mention if you have allergies and rub your eyes. Seriously the list goes on! My mom loves it because she can’t really see as well anymore and gets shaky hands when she does her makeup…me too if I’ve had caffeine!

And it’s a great way to reshape and camouflage several issues like scars for example or alopecia and receding hairlines or regain control with areola reconstruction!

Will it Fade?

Tattoos are permanent. However, over time with any tattoo, a person can experience fading and pigment migration to a varied degree depending on how it’s looked after and where it is on the body. Generally, I tell my clients the better the skin, the better the tattoo will look over time. If you take care of your work, it will last. If you abuse your skin, you are abusing your work and therefore may need color refreshers later on down the road.

The same applies to cosmetic tattoos however to an even greater degree. Fading is greater as the skin is much thinner and exfoliates much faster on its own while the effects of chemical peels and other procedures done over a lifetime magnify this. Also sun exposure lightens these areas to a greater degree than tattoos on the rest of the body so aftercare is top priority as with any tattoo.

Color refreshers are generally a must for cosmetic face tattoos. The lighter they are initially, the sooner the refresher procedure as in the case with ‘nude’ or ‘natural’ lips and blonde eyebrows. Brows and lips are usually good to refresh about 1-5 years out and eyeliner about 5-10. On a positive note though, this allows for greater flexibility with changing hair color overtime and with current trends.

Will it be this dark when it heals?

Your cosmetic tattoo will look darker and wetter when initially done but as it heals, will lighten. A layer of skin will heal over/around the pigment so whatever is your natural skin tone; this color will modify the color of your tattoo. Lighter skin can get away with lighter pigment while darker skin will need darker or higher Chroma pigment.

Will it turn weird colors over time?

No way! Leaps and bounds have been made in the tattoo and cosmetic tattoo fields over the last 30 years. With the advance of really every aspect of tattooing, we’ve gained so much knowledge into the betterment of chemical technology for pigments and how they really act in the body, how to appropriately heal tattoos and how to apply them. The main causes of discolored tattoos are substandard inks and dyes that are dramatically leached by the body over time resulting in ridiculous color changes, inappropriate healing methods when initially done, improper maintenance, and inexperienced technicians.

I only use the highest quality pigment which is Ever After Pigments – no dyes ever – that will not be leeched by the body and formulated to work with the skin’s natural PH level. I have extensive knowledge of tattoo healing for all body parts. Most people heal pretty much the same but with some differences that can actually make a big difference, therefore each of my clients aftercare methods are custom based off of past healing experiences when applicable and how the skin reacts during procedures.

And I never just assume your healing experience will be the same as past healing experiences that you’ve gone through because unfortunately, that is not always the case. My goal is to teach you how to take care and be able to troubleshoot any situation to prevent not only discoloration but any other healing issue! For aftercare instructions, please refer to the AFTERCARE page.

How long will it be swollen?

Swelling generally goes away within 1-7 days depending on the procedure and genetic predisposition.

Do you design my work or do I?

I’m happy to design your permanent cosmetics to whatever degree is comfortable for you. Obviously everyone has different experience levels with doing their own makeup and some clients will need more direction than others.

My goal with each procedure is that you are happy with how it looks and understand how that look affects the framing of your face and the longevity of the tattoo.

I invite clients to wear their makeup how they normally do on the day of the procedure so I can better understand what your expectations are and have a reference point. And I’m also happy to look at any photos or references you may bring.

Can I wear my makeup over my permanent cosmetics?

Once it’s healed, of course!!! My experience is that permanent makeup makes it way easier and faster to do additional makeup over than without. It’s easier to apply because it simply sticks better to a tattooed surface. And when it does wear off, it’s not as noticeable as it would be on bare skin.

Can my work from someone else be fixed?

If it’s color correcting and moderate reshaping, yes. At this time, I’m unable to remove pigment if you have pigment migration or dramatically, incorrectly shaped brows for example. I’m happy to go over what I can do during a consultation if you are unsure or you are welcome to email pics if unable to come in for a consult. My assistant will prompt you for pics after your first email inquiry if this is the case.

Can this look natural, like I'm not wearing makeup?

Absolutely! It just depends on what your expectations are and we’ll go over this in extensive detail prior to your procedure or in email prior to you appointment if you are unable to travel in for a consult. I will not tattoo anything until you are happy, comfortable, and confident with the design. There will always be plenty of time scheduled for the design portion of your procedure. No rushing for you. No rushing for me. I like to enjoy the entire process and rushing is not fun for me!

Is this safe?

Yes and for several reasons! Firstly, I’m a very experienced tattoo artist and have tattooed extensively just about every part of the body that can be tattooed…yes, really. I intuitively understand every skin type and every area of the body in a way that can only be understood with time and lots and lots of tattoos. I started my career in a beauty salon and spent 6 years in the beauty industry doing cosmetic tattoos before I switched over to body art and have been doing that also since 2009. I also have Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Painting & Drawing from the University of North Texas.

I also use universal precautions for all procedures. That means that I assume disease is present and act accordingly with sanitation, disinfection and sterilization in accordance with the Center for Disease Control, the Texas State Health Department and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standards. I only use disposable needles and tubes that are pre-sterilized and disposed of after every client.

I also only use Ever After Pigments whose formula is based off of a 30 year old formula that has been used globally without reaction or color change. They only use the highest quality pigment and do not use any dyes, additives, or solvents. Ever After Pigments are also PH balanced and EU approved which surpasses US standards.

Will it hurt?

Pain is relative and everyone’s tolerance is different. I do everything I can to minimize pain with topical numbing before and during your procedure. If you are uncomfortable and need more time numbing, at any point, just let me know.

I will constantly be asking you how you feel and reading your body language and your skin to give you the most comfortable experience and more numbing when needed.

How long do procedures take?

Eyeliner and Brows take about 1-2 hours per treatment.

Lips take about 2-2 ½ hours.

Areola takes about 3-4 hours.

Everything else varies.

How long does it take to heal?

You'll look a little ‘scary’ for about a week before flaking and swelling are gone. Tattoos actually take initially anywhere from 30-60 days for elasticity to return and not be overly damaged by sun exposure to new healing skin. In reality though, a tattoo actually takes up to a year to fully heal under the surface where collagen reforms its natural patterns as much as it can around pigment molecules. You really don’t need to worry about this later phase.

Your main goal for cosmetic tattoo healing is to not wear any makeup on the tattooed area until healed. Picking at flaking can cause pigment loss or ‘holidays’ in an otherwise solid heal and can potentially lead to infection. Once the skin enters the flaking portion of healing (1-4 days depending on procedure and skin type) it is no longer and open wound. For complete aftercare instructions please see the AFTERCARE page on this website.

Can I drive after my procedure?

Most clients will be able to drive after every procedure with no issues. If you are considering Eyeliner, it may be a smart idea to have a friend drive just in case you have abnormal swelling or overly sensitive eyes or any other eye issues that could cause extra sensitivity or eye weakness. Even in the worst cases, I’ve found that people are usually fine after an hour of rest.

What if I get sick before before my procedure?

If you are sick on the day of your scheduled appointment or know you will still be sick, please reschedule. A sick body will disrupt most tattoo heals as the body is forced to take care of something more important than a flesh wound. It can result in delayed healing or major pigment loss. And obviously, these procedures are fairly intimate and I definitely don’t want to catch whatever you have!

Can I drive after my procedure?

Most clients will be able to drive after every procedure with no issues. If you are considering Eyeliner, it may be a smart idea to have a friend drive just in case you have abnormal swelling or overly sensitive eyes or any other eye issues that could cause extra sensitivity or eye weakness. Even in the worst cases, I’ve found that people are usually fine after an hour of rest.

Can I bring my kids, family or friends?

Because of limited space and the need for limited distractions, please no children and limit to 1 friend or family member that will be asked to wait in the lobby. Keep in mind, it can be very boring for the other people who are not getting a procedure and there is limited entertainment in my room. During the procedure, I am not their entertainment and neither are you.

What if I've had a metal or pigment reaction before?

It is highly unlikely, however if you’ve had past reactions, it’s always a good idea to do a spot test at least a month prior to you procedure in an area such as behind the ear that can be easily camouflaged. However, please be aware that tests have shown that allergies can still develop years after a procedure of no incidents.